Story of Little Red Tractor

The idea for the little red tractor stamp of approval came from you in October 1999 when the National Farmers’ Union (NFU) held a series of workshops with shoppers to find out firsthand what you wanted from British food. You said that what you needed was an easily recognisable symbol that would stand out in a busy shopping environment and provide you with reassurance that your food had been produced to independently inspected standards.

Many British farmers and growers were already doing just that - producing food to independently inspected standards set out by farm assurance schemes. And so the British Farm Standard, now affectionately known as the little red tractor, was developed as the public face of farm assurance.

It has succeeded in uniting every part of the British food chain to provide millions of shoppers with a single stamp of approval that can be trusted. Today it can be found on produced beef, lamb, pork, chicken, milk, cheese, cream, cereals, vegetables, sugar, fruit and salads - a unique achievement for a single “food logo”.

Launched by the Prime Minister, the little red tractor can be found in thousands of stores across the country from major supermarkets to corner shops on 550 product lines.