Visit a Farm

Quality herd carries industry’s stamp of approval

Beef and sheep reared to the standards demanded by the little red tractor are the pride of Brian and Richard Tomlinson - the father and son team behind Gracemire Farm in Lancashire.

Strawberries on stilts

Pioneering producer, Peter Ward has developed innovative growing techniques to ensure that shoppers can enjoy home-grown strawberries and raspberries all summer long.

Beetroot producer is flushed with success

Butterwick Grange Farm, in Lincolnshire, may well have produced the beetroot in your shopping basket if it bears the little red tractor.

Matt’s funky chickens

Matt Ware and his father Mike run a traditional 300 acre mixed farm at Weobley, Herefordshire, with 75 acres of cider apples grown especially for the cider market, potatoes, wheat, oilseed rape and an expanding chicken enterprise.

Happy pigs at home on family farm

British bacon bearing the little red tractor seal of approval is supplied to supermarkets and stores across the country by farms including that run by Tony Pexton and his son William in East Yorkshire.