What is British Farm Standard

British Farm Standard is about ensuring that farmers and growers are producing food to meet a set of agreed standards of good agricultural practice that are checked regularly by trained inspectors and are trusted by the public. The UK is a world leader in farm assurance with over 78,000 farmers and growers committed to the scheme supplying between 65% and 90% of output in the main commodity sectors. To find out more about these different product groups, please click on the individual photographs below.

“The British Farm Standard was set up to establish and sustain public confidence in the way that food is produced,” explained David Clarke, Chief Executive of Assured Food Standards, the independent umbrella body for the assurance schemes.

“The success of the British Farm Standard relies on the support and participation of farmers and growers,” he added.

Farmers and growers are inspected by qualified independent inspectors who check all aspects of the production process from animal movements to housing, feed, animal health and welfare, and the way they care for the countryside.

Members of the schemes pay an annual British Farm Standard membership fee, which shows their commitment to the scheme.

“This means that thousands of farmers are practising high standards of animal welfare, food safety and environmental practices,” continued Mr Clarke.

The little red tractor helps you recognise produce that has come from farms that meet the strict requirements of the British Farm Standard.